The Day John Brady’s Career Died


Brady’s career given a proper burial…complete with headstone.  Lester Earl was present to give the eulogy, which was lovely  The reception, had an open bar, as was to be expected.


It was announced officially yesterday that former LSU head basketball coach and social drinker John Brady agreed to enter the 3rd circle of hell to permanently lay his career to rest by coaching the Arkansas State University Indians Red Wolves.  Brady who was fired by leader of the Mongrel hordes, Skip Bertman, only 22 months removed from a run to the Final Four.  However, Brady’s demise was as much due to recent recruiting failures and mass transfers of players on what had become a yearly basis as it was to losing. 


It had been rumored that ASU was in talks with former Arkansas coach and horse lover Nolan Richardson.  Arkansas State apparently cut off negotiations when they found out that Richardson was in fact black.*

*just my assumption

3 responses to “The Day John Brady’s Career Died

  1. Coach Bud Kilmer

    In other news, Terrelle Pryor signed with Ohio St. No confirmation on the rumor that his 40 time instantly rose a full second upon signing.

  2. Bunkie Perkins

    However it is confirmed that he has already been sacked 3 times by the Florida and LSU defensive lines respectively.

  3. I just saw a segment on ESPN where they are now making urns and caskets emblazoned with team insignias. I wonder if they’re manufacturing those with the Arkansas State mascot yet? Maybe Brady’s interested in one…

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