Urban Meyer Kicks Puppies

urban meyerAnd he’s been the mastermind behind a covert terroist cell…and he once pushed an old lady down a flight of metal stairs…and he cuts all of the tags off his furniture even though he is prohibited to do so by law…and he won’t read any of the Twilight books because he thinks all vampires are a bunch of eyeliner-wearing pussies…and he hates asparagus, oh does he hate asparagus…and he is totally scared of Nick Saban…and he is totally leaving for Notre Dame after this year. 

Good to see blatant homerism smothered in a complete lack of unbiased journalism is already at peak levels in Alabama…and its only July.


One response to “Urban Meyer Kicks Puppies

  1. Even though he is an Ohio boy…I still hate him…

    I bet he also punches babies.

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