Case of the Mondays

emmanuelle chriqui
Woman of the Week: Emmanuelle Chriqui.  We stopped watching Entourage 2 years ago, because seriously, how many movie rolls can Vince almost land and how many dirty Hollywood skanks can he bang before you get bored…the answer, oddly enough, 12.
  • Brock Lesnar pummels Frank Mir, channels Stone Cold Steve Austin [The Rookies]
  • “If Henderson hit him any harder, Bisping would have just burst into flames” [WWTDD]
  • Rampage Jackson got all humpy on some female MMA reporter. [Busted Coverage]
  • Antitrust law and the BCS. [Clay Travis]
  • Arkansas and Iraq…same place. [Loser With Socks]
  • More on the Ole Miss football reality show. [Godfrey Show]
  • Steve Spurrier wants YOU! [WoW]
  • The Indiana Pacers are really white [Rumors & Rants]
  • Danica Patrick signs a fan’s breasts [SbB]
  • Erin Andrews survives a viscous balls to the face attack. [Dr. Saturday]
  • Marty B’s “Black Olympics” [The Sporting Blog]
  • Breaking down ESPN’s “My Wish” segment with the Mets [Tirico Suave]
  • Oregon’s cheerleading coach…youre welcome. [Photobucket, via Hank]

One response to “Case of the Mondays

  1. well i just want to say, if emmanuelle reads this, that your the most gorgeous girl alive. truth right there..
    im a fan of yours. not the biggest cause im not obsessed.

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