Spring Break in College Station


Jarrett “Spring Break” Fobbs knows where the party is the hypest

The following is an excerpt from Jarret Fobbs’ official announcement that he will commit to play football in 2010 for Texas A&M University:

Oh man…Im so fuckin’ wasted right now.  WOOOOO SPRING BREAK!!! Wait, where am I?…oh right right.  College.  COLLEGE!!! WOOOOO!!!  Ok so Im totally playing football this next year.  Its gonna be so awesome man.  Im so excited man, let’s celebrate.  Shots on me, shots on me.  Who want’s a Jager Bomb?…Oh wow, so awesome.  WOOOOO!!!!  …Listen man, LISTEN!!!…I gotta tell you something.  Im totally going to Texas A&M next year.  PARTY!!!  WOOOO!!!! COLLEGE!!!  Their coach is so totally cool. He even showed up wearing cruiswear man, you know that dude so parties.  PARTY!!!  This is gonna be the bes…best…brea…breast…breasts…SHOW YOUR TITS!!! SHOW YOUR TITS!!!…oh man sorry, wicked trip there for a second…Im back, Im back, so totally baAAAAHHHHHHH….thank you very much.


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