Houston Nutt Visits A Mall Kiosk

Houston Nutt is clearly an impulse shopper.  One of those people that will grab beef jerky and hand sanitizer in the check-out line even though we all know he’s got a lifetime supply stashed somewhere in his office.  Thats the only explanation for what you are about to see.  Houston was probably walking through the mall, passed the knock-off sunglasses booth, maybe stayed a few minutes at the plastic helicopter kiosk…

“Boy Howdy them things are neat!”

 …and then casts his half crazy gaze upon the Persian gentleman behind the “Precious Memories” cart, selling various items that somehow miraculously place your image, a photo of you, on any number of items.  Houston was probably tempted by the t-shirt iron ons and the coffee mugs…

“That’d be awesome, just waking up, getting dressed, having my mornin’ coffee, and there I am baby!  Everywhere!”…

 …he was probably ready to move along to the next bright shiny object of distraction, when he saw that they could put your face on any number of print publications. 

“Gimmie that one!”, he’d say.  “Here, I already got me a photo, its mah Facebook profile photo.”…


I shall call this pose “I wanna text you up!”

[HT: Brandt’s Blog]


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