LSU Fans Do Not Need Your Provocation, Budweiser

LSU Bud Light Can

Oh sweet nectar, you taste like warm pee and victory

The last thing LSU fan needs is a reason…any reason.   On a typical Saturday, the general mean of alcohol consumption in and around Tiger Stadium leads to things like this, this, and of course, this.  With that in mind, why would anyone feel the need to accelerate the situation any further? 

Well, the waffle eating bastards  good people of Anheuser-Busch have seen fit to honor that type of revelry in a way that can only lead to random brush fires in the parking lots and full scale riots in the streets, they’ve given Corndog nation their own commemorative Bud Light can.  

Well, look at it this way, this season, when you get hit in the head by a full beer can thrown from the student section, you can at least take home a souvenir.

5 responses to “LSU Fans Do Not Need Your Provocation, Budweiser

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