Daily Bennington

big-benWe’re bored, its the summer, college football is in the barely viewable distance, so why not regale you with the daily comedic stylings of Mr. Ron Bennington of the Ron and Fez Show (11-3 on XM 202). Enjoy.White 

“I believe in innocent until proven guilty. But let me say this–if you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers then you are a fan of rape.” -Ron Bennington



6 responses to “Daily Bennington

  1. Ronny B. is a genius

  2. Quoting St. Ron Bennington?

    You just got yourself a new reader.

  3. Ron Bennington is a comedic genius. He’s the ONLY reason I still have an XM radio.

  4. Bunkie Perkins

    WOW! THE Ron Bennington just mentioned us on the show. Thank you good sir.

    More on this later!

  5. I still can’t believe it.

  6. Been a listener to Ronnie B since the Ron and Ron days in Tampa where Fez was PD with a flair for ……..flair. That just makes this site that much better. Keep it up.

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