Tim Tebow, Now With Kung Fu Grip Action

Picture 8

Now with overly strong, publicly outed virgin king fu grip, naturally.

Thousands of men in the panhandle of Florida just qualified the difference between a doll and an action figure with the inception, albeit probably pretty illegally, of the Tim Tebow Action Figure.  For a paltry sum you can have hours of fun fending off the wanting come hither looks of many a Gainesville maiden (well done Clay) and all the while vanquishing foes throughout the south…including whoever voted against him for All-SEC 1st team (its totally Spurrier).  Bible and foreskin of a young Filipino boy sold separately.  

More of the glorious Tim Tebow action figure pose down after the jump.

Picture 11     Picture 9   Picture 12   Picture 13

[HT: Tigerdroppings]


3 responses to “Tim Tebow, Now With Kung Fu Grip Action

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  2. I can totally see football uniforms in 4012 looking like that in our post-Flash Gordon society.

    Also why is Tim Tebow the action figure wearing makeup?

  3. Bunkie Perkins

    Nothing wrong with a man wearing a little base to take the shine off…wait, what?

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