Bridging the Gap

Ahh Football Fanaticism vs. Pop Culture Obsession.

They may have different fathers (although statistics will tell you Travis Henry is behind at least one of them), but they definitely came from the same pill-popping, chain smoking uterus of the night.

Is it any real surprise that the San Diego Comic-Con & SEC Media Days are happening right now at the same moment in time?

Is Fat Iron Man really all that much different that Fat Bama Fan? Can we even prove they aren’t the same individual? I feel quite certain they’d both suck Dreamland sauce off a cow turd.

Fat Iron Man Fat Bama Fan

Aspiring models spend their weekend cosplaying Ghostbusters, part time UAB students spend their weekend pretending to be Bama coeds (and blond). It’s a win-win (unless you’re a father).

GhostBUSTers UAB Twins

It’s all the same really. 100 Dollar hand shakes make the world go round, whether it be DC, Hollyweird, Nashvegas, or Bammerham.

You can call me The Juice (unlike the other Juice I’ve never had to steal my $*#% back from a Vegas Loft… YET) and I’ll be handling pop culture affairs here for FOTP. I’ll do my best to give you something else to talk about around the water cooler if your team just got its @$$ kicked over the weekend…

(Of course it is pre-season and we’re obviously all going undefeated, so we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.)


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