Entertaining News Online Biannual: Weekly Edition

  • Peter Jackson talks progress on Hobbit movies, still awaiting Nick Saban’s script approval on the story of his ancestry [CHUD]
  • Hooray Johnny Depp & Tim Burton together again and I have the HD trailer to prove it. The early 90s were good to them with Edward Scissorhands & Ed Wood, but Sleepy Hollow and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory were total abominations and Sweeny Todd made me want to cut myself. I fear Alice in Wonderland may whimsy me to sleep [MOVIEFONE]
  • The man behind Spider-Man is making a World of Warcraft movie. Now if we can get a follow-up South Park WoW episode out of this we’ll consider this a win [AINTITCOOL]

South Park WOW

  • See where the bloody brilliant Brits (Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost) behind Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz got their start for FREE with all 14 excellent episodes of Spaced now on Hulu [SPACED ON HULU]
  • I am getting married in 2 weeks, but I plan on escaping the ceremony with the dignity of myself, my friends and my family in tact. Unlike these people [WTF WEDDING]
  • Thom Yorke is doing a song for the Twilight Sequel. What is next? The Rolling Stones record the title track for Shrek 4 [PITCHFORK]
  • Amy Winehouse cleared of assault. She told reporters: “I’m relieved. I’m going home” to smoke meth [REUTERS]
  • A Star Wars musical? Why not George Lucas? The prequels already raped my childhood with a CGI fist. Why stop there [EWPOPWATCH]
  • Alert all girlfriends and nursing homes, Nintendo’s sequel to Wii Sports comes out this Saturday [AMAZON]


  • Not much of note being released on home video Tuesday, but completionist Nerds can own the entire Battlestart Galactica series on Blu-Ray and the head of a Cylon for $210 [AMAZON]
  • The Very Best of Ashford & Simpson is also a new Tuesday release and a STEAL at $5.98. I have no idea who these people are, but having this album cover in your CD collection is worth it’s weight in GOLD [AMAZON]

Very Best

This weekends crop of movies is about as bad as your standard SEC Out-of-Conference schdule. I’ll be citing Rottentomatoes.com as my source here. RT takes all major film reviews and tells you what percentage of them are positive. As such:

“The Ugly Truth” – dude from 300 tries to hit on Katherine Heigl to prove he is not gay despite starring in 300 – Only 12% positive [RT]

Gay 300

“G-Force” – 3D film from Disney about Gerbils. How did they not score Richard Gere in a lead role? – Only 17% positive [RT]


“Orphan” – I actually read the twist for this movie and found it so hilarious I may actually watch the last five minutes of it five years from now when it is available on Netflix streaming – Right at 50%percent [RT]


Whatchyou talking ’bout (James) Willis?

See ya next week.


One response to “Entertaining News Online Biannual: Weekly Edition

  1. Well this broke before it could make the cut, but Batman 3 is announced for 2011 around the same time Nick Saban & Urban Meyer accept the co-head coach positions at Notre Dame.

    Via Chud:


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