Case of the Mondays

Woman of the Week: Jessica Simpson.  Recently divorced.  Recently dumped.  Body image problems.  Daddy issues.  Where do we sign up!

  • The Syracuse Orange, now avaliable for weddings [Busted Coverage]
  • All the Tim Tebow virginity responses you can handle [Clay Travis]
  • Your college football vanity license plates [CGB]
  • Bottoms up!  The Wild Turkey will be coming to Blacksburg this fall. [Daily Press]
  • A look ahead to the 2011 high school QB class. [LWS]
  • An ode to Kenny Irons …sort of [The Godfrey Show]
  • A tight black coctail dress will eventually run the Saints [Deadspin]
  • Being the Detroit Lions quarterback is not all bad [Hey Jenny Slater]
  • Big Ben discusses his legal troubles with Hines Ward. [KSK]
  • Tony Romo trades in Jessica Simpson for something a little less high maintenance. [SbB]
  • Shaun Phillips is late to the party [The Rookies]
  • Affliction…now just selling douche shirts. [The Sporting Blog]
  • RIP Barth. [Tirico Suave]

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