The SEC Parties Its Face Off


Im sorry, there are no sexy parties in State College

In a vote that I can only assume was rigged so that the depressed masses in rural Pennsylvania would stop throwing themselves in front of large farm equipment, Penn State was voted as the top party school in the country, edging out perennial SEC powers Florida, Ole Miss, and Georgia. 

Simply put, this is an outrage.  I’ve been to State College, its not that fun.  Its in the middle of nowhere, the coeds stay bundled up in hoodies and shame for 3/4ths of the year, and I assume that most of the drinking is done out of sheer boredom.  You know what they call that type of atmosphere in an SEC college town?…Christmas break.

And how in the blue hell is LSU not on this list?!  That’s such an egregious oversight that I expect droves of angry cajuns to march upon the steps of the Chimes to voice their anger get drunk.


3 responses to “The SEC Parties Its Face Off

  1. How can one school so close to Amish defeat a handful schools entrenched in redneck country?

  2. Just cannot believe the result… stop kidding.

  3. 1. University of Texas…Frat Life, 6th Street, SXSW, ACL, several bars on campus and more near campus, bum fights, tail gaiting.

    2. LSU…I remember the time I woke up in the bed of a Ford Ranger outside of Bogey’s covered in chocolate cake at 8 am. That wasn’t even the best story I had from there.

    3. Florida…except for the fact that I saw a few too many ankle tats on guys, awesome time.

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