Aquapalooza 2009: Lake Martin, Alabama

Aquapalooza Lake Martin 2009 1

Aquapalooza 2009 was this past Saturday on Lake Martin in Alabama. Simply put, 4,000+ boats with 35,000 boating enthusiasts (rednecks, pretend rednecks, and high school and college kids using their parents’ boat) watching Alan Jackson on a floating stage on a lake at a place called Kaw-Liga Kowaliga in Alabama in the middle of July. Needless to say drunken redneck debauchery for the entire family. [Photo credits: David K]

Aquapalooza Lake Martin 2009 4 Aquapalooza Lake Martin 2009 3 Aquapalooza Lake Martin 2009 2

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One response to “Aquapalooza 2009: Lake Martin, Alabama

  1. This event was absolutely amazing. Boats rafted together as far as the eye could see. Orderly chaos. Thousands of people floating, boating, swimming and some dogs got into the act also.
    Beautiful boats, ugly boats all rafted together.
    Young & old partied hardy. Yes, I think I remember a shot of tequila. Please come back to Lake Martin. The event was very organized.

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