Shaq Invades Monday Night Raw

Shaq, seen here reinacting his post moves from his Laker days

Shaq has been long ridiculed for his acting abilities, or lack thereof.  Its hard to block the likes of Kazaam and Steel out of ones mind without the help of potent narcotics.  Lucky for him the bad acting, and probably the narcotics, were in play Monday Night On Raw.  Shaq serves as guest host/booker for the evening.  The main event saw Chris Jericho and The Big Show team up against Cryme Tyme (ah racial stereo types in wrestling…somewhere Kamala the Ugandan Giant is shedding a tear) with Shaq serving as “special enforcer”, a roll I think he’ll have to reprise in Cleveland thoughout next season.  The inevitable occurred, as it inevitably does, with the 7ft Shaq standing toe to toe with the 7ft Big Show…Hulk Hogan levels of selling moves then occurred as both feigned choke holds until Cryme Tyme showed up for the save.  Shaq then does Hacksaw Jim Duggan proud, delivering the shoulder block to The Show, sending him “flying” out of the ring.  The bright sides for the WWE…Shaq delivered mainstream attention and he already sells bumps better than Batista, so its a win either way.


2 responses to “Shaq Invades Monday Night Raw

  1. You should have consulted me. I was THERE.

    Equally as fascinating was the “little person” wrestler “Hoggleshanks” or something like that fighting a blindfolded McGeneric wrastler.

    The spectacle of wrestling is entertaining, but the actual matches are as emotionally vacant as it is to peer into Nick Saban’s eyes.

    But yeah Shaq definitely has a future whenever Lebron is done with him.

  2. I wish Shaq would have done something more spectacular than just shoving the big show

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