Bulldogs Prepare for the Season, Liberation of Scotland

Mississippi State had their big Summer 7 on 7 camp this past weekend.  It gives Dan Mullen and the Mississippi State Coaches a chance to evaluate talent and it gives top prospects a chance to visit potential schools prior to any official visits in the Fall.  One such prospect is Monticello, Mississipp Running Back Matthew Wells.  The 6ft 2in soon-to-be senior had good things to say about the Bulldogs.

“It went like real good. I think I did real good. I was real loose and caught some passes and played real good on offense and defense during the games.”

What was the message from the MSU coaches?

“They said I did real good. They did not say too much. It has been a while ago, so I do not remember exactly what they said. They just basically told me that I can be an impact player up there.”

Seems like your run of the mill summer football camp experience for one of Mississippi’s top prospects…that is until Wells was taken on a tour of the weight room as the Bulldog football team was working out.  We leave young Matthew to describe the scene…

I just talked to the coaches mostly and then I went and watched the team workout that night at 11. That was pretty crazy. They had guys painted up with their faces painted, masks and all kinds of crazy costumes and everything. I have never seen anything like that.”

We can only imagine the horror, but lets try and imagine shall we…after the jump, an FOTP artist’s rendering of what the scene might have looked like.


[Photoshop by TZilla, HT: Nafoom]


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