Brooklyn Decker is a TV Star

Brooklyn Decker Royal Pains 5

Your favorite swimsuit model that’s married to a tennis star, Brooklyn Decker, starred in a new TV show on USA called Royal Pains on July 30. To no surprise, she was cast as a swimsuit model, though married to a short, rich bald guy, Peter Jacobson. Per her twitter account (note that she is currently shooting in an undisclosed location for SI), she was a little nervous about having to talk on camera, in addition to just looking hot in a swimsuit:

Thank you to everyone re: Royal Pains! Acting is unknown territory for me so I was super nervous about it! REALLY appreciate the support!! 10:39 PM Jul 30th from web

 You be the judge — check out the full espisode on HULU. But here are some screen shots in case you don’t want to sit through it.

 Brooklyn Decker Royal Pains 1 Brooklyn Decker Royal Pains 7 brooklyn decker royal pains A-1brooklyn decker royal pains A-2  Brooklyn Decker Royal Pains 8 Brooklyn Decker Royal Pains 9


4 responses to “Brooklyn Decker is a TV Star

  1. Passionate kissing for this couple. She’s a good actress.

  2. she start a future career as actriss but I don,t see her marriage with andy roddick works for so many years if she continue on tv

  3. I agree with you andrea….

  4. they marriage will be like agassi and shield….that it is wath a lot people say

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