Case of the Mondays

stevie lynnWoman of the Week: Stevie Lynn.  The odds that a model from Tampa would be named “Stevie Lynn” is astronomical really.  Her confederate flag bikini must have been dirty that day.
  • Tiger Woods with a great cut on 18 yesterday. [WithLeather]
  • Matthew Stafford had a good summer. [World of Isaac]
  • Twitter gets Kragthorpe’d [Busted Coverage]
  • Clay Travis breaks down the “Party School” list. [Clay Travis]
  • The Hawaii/Notre Dame story just got more choreographed. [EDSBS]
  • The Steelers and Ravens with a little preseason maternity smack. [KSK]
  • Ma’am, Alabama requests that in the future you plead like this.  [SbB]
  • Houston Nutt…not as underachieving as previously thought. [Team Speed Kills]
  • An update on Lee Corso, post-stroke. [The Wizard of Odds]
  • Who needs a scouting department when youre the Memphis Grizzlies. [Fanhouse]
  • Addressing hack jokes on sports blogs with the proper amount of disdain. [The Godfrey Show]
  • Its always sunny in Philadelphia at the Buick Open. [The Rookies]
  • Versus…cornering the bored market. [The Sporting Blog]
  • Hmmm, I always figured David Ortiz as more of a New Balance man. [Tirico Suave]
  • I could watch this all day. [WithLeather]

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