The Blind Side Trailer Needs More Orgeron

Look, Im all for a tug-at-your-heart-strings feel good story, in fact they got the right woman to play the lead for such a movie…I mean Sandra Bullock’s made a living off this stuff (I, for one, get a little misty at the even the thought of watching The Net), but if you’re gonna tease me with stories of an Ed Orgeron cameo, Im gonna need to see him in the trailer.  Don’t let those Hummer commercials stand alone as our only evidence of O’s acting chops.

Alas, I’ll have to go buy a ticket to see the monster….it’s how they got me to see Cloverfield, so I guess the technique works.


5 responses to “The Blind Side Trailer Needs More Orgeron

  1. Gimme more-uh-da Coach O.

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  3. Hey i was wondering if you knew if there will be anymore filming of this movie in Georgia ? I was in the scene with sandra and tim in the football stands earlier and ADORED it ! so write me back im dieing to know ! -Brianna !

  4. Brianna: The movie comes out in November, so I’d guess they have been done filming for awhile unless for some reason they need to do reshoots.

  5. heyyy ! okay well if they need some extras for reshoots i am more than willing to do it !

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