Entertaining News Online Biannual: Weekly Edition

Sienna Miller in honor of Friday August 7th’s release of G.I. Joe in theaters EVERYWHERE

Got to get tough... Yo Joe?
Yo Joe?

Will Smith to act alongside a giant make believe 6 foot tall rabbit? The guy allegedly believes in Xenu, so this isn’t too much of a stretch [MOVIELINE]

Ever wondered how those magical netflix fairies get those movies to you so quickly? Well wonder no more [CHICAGOTRIBUNE]

You can go no wrong with a list about 80’s cartoon sidekicks [AWESOME.LY]

19 hottest newscasters in America. Somehow Helen Thomas missed the cut [ASYLUM]

Please Please tell me about the traffic...

Please Please tell me about the traffic...

Jay Leno reports on the format of his new show that everyone no one cares about [THRFEED]

Paula Abdul walks from American Idol. I hope she left her pill addiction behind for the new chick [AINTITCOOL]

I doubt they serve beer in hell, but I’ll bet they show this movie [CHUD]

Finally awaken from the deep sleep King Kong put us in, Peter Jackson looks on pace to redeem himself with The Lovely Bones [QUICKTIME]

I guess the big release this week is 17 Again starring Zac Effron who in my opinion looks like the love child of Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert. I Love You Man drops next Tuesday as well and it came with solid word of mouth in the theaters [AMAZON]

This weekend in the movie house…

G.I. Joe” – A movie about explosions based on a cartoon based on plastic dolls. Sounds like fun. – 41% positive [RT]

Oscar Bait

Oscar Bait

Julia & Julia” – It’s like a chick flick genetically engineered to end the relationships of those drug to it by their girlfriends – 66% positive [RT]

She's here to G.I. your Joe
Atleast Amy Adams is kinda hot…

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