Saban: I’d Love to Sign Your Baby

Saban Signs Baby

Nick Saban signs the baby and then performs a baptism in Kool-Aid. [HT: Ford]

Apparently, this is video (of very, very poor quality) of this family running across the field, while ditching the baby’s stroller, to be the first to see Sabear. Bama fans calls this “fanaticism“. The rest of us call it “child abuse.”

More photos of this couple and the baby after the jump…

Alabama Baby Alabama Fan Day

We’re not experts on parenting, but is that the right way to hold a baby?

Alabama Baby Alabama Fan Day 2

Prelude to the mad dash across the field. Even Grandma has her “don’t fuck with me and I’m here to meet Sayben” face on.


8 responses to “Saban: I’d Love to Sign Your Baby

  1. “We don’t have time to go to the delivery room honey, we’ll just have the kid in the car on the way to see Saban!”

    p.s- Why is phil Fulmer holding that baby?

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  4. Haha I went to high school with her. Her name is/was Crystal Jones. Central High School, c/o 2001

  5. Its Alabama…of course her name is Crystal.

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  7. Dustin,

    Isn’t she a teacher at Smiths Station High School now, or do you know?

  8. Isn’t that Granny Stabler with that football?

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