Cow College, Indeed

Auburn Cow College

For those that say we are partial to particular schools (read: University of Aubren), this one’s for you. It’s bad enough that Auburn is ridiculed by the Bama nation (and others) for being a haven for livestock and barnyard animals (sometimes there’s a reaon for a stereotype)…

 Auburn Cow College 3

…but now the geniuses at the Auburn’s Marketing Central Command at Tiger Rags have come up with a new T-Shirt design that pours gasoline on that fire and says bring it on with the Awebarn comments. And with two great colors (that you won’t find in a Crayola box) to choose from: tumbleweed and blue jean you’re likely to see these everywhere on the Plains (mainly on Wire Road) much to the dismay of yours truly. JABA, indeed. [HT: Marv]


4 responses to “Cow College, Indeed

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  2. As a Bama fan I’ve never really understood the whole “Cow College” deal as being derogatory term. I don’t know if Bryant started the whole thing, but he coached at an Ag school himself.

    Be proud of it, man. Who has done more for this country, farmers or lawyers? In the plus category, that is.

    With that said, I don’t think I’d go parading around in a shirt that had a cow standing on top of what looks like a huge, steaming pile of manure, either.

  3. Michael Medallion

    Yeah, I’m more worried about the “parading around” by the Auburn faithful than anything else. It’s almost as bad as the Cliff Dwellers t-shirts in the late ’90s.

  4. Great post, and great find

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