Flu Concerns Cancel Ole Miss Fan Day

Over concerns about the spreading of flu among players and fans, the Ole Miss Athletic braintrust has decided to cancel its annual “Meet the Rebels” fan day.  The existence of swine and other strains of flu in the area prompted the action that would have seen thousands of fans clamoring around the team for autographs, pictures, and the dreaded flu carrying handshake.   The sage Pete Boone explains…

After consultation with our team physicians and Head Coach Houston Nutt, we felt it was in the best interest of our football team to cancel this year’s “Meet the Rebels” Day.

Dr. Nutt also chimed in…

While we may be overly cautious regarding the flu, our season opener is less than 3 weeks away and we can’t take any chances.

Such an action can be blamed on poor hygiene, a lack of proper vaccination, or even excessive media fear mongering…but I think we all know who the true source of the pending pandemic is…


You win this round Outbreak Monkey.


One response to “Flu Concerns Cancel Ole Miss Fan Day

  1. That’s one for the Outbreak Monkey’s of the world.

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