Litigious Proceedings Have Left Me at My Wits End

Has legal trouble and circumstance left you with no other option in life than to hide your face in shame in front of questioning from opposing counsel?  Does it seem that everyone is against you and the only ones you can turn to for help may be the “Internal Revenue” and members of your own family?  Are you confused and wary of words with double meanings….like for instance,  “refuse”?  Does it seem that in your most emotional of times, when you lash out at the world, its the ones you love that you hurt the most?  Well, then kind sir, do not fret…help in the form of the Friends of the Program Facebook Group and the FOTP Twitter feed are here to help…and if thats not enough, the paramedics are on their way.


One response to “Litigious Proceedings Have Left Me at My Wits End

  1. That video is incredible.

    “I’m not refusing. I just don’t want to answer any more questions.”

    I also love how the guy knocks over a light (?) that hits his wife (?) in the back. She then ensues to over-do it so that maybe they can sue later.

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