Memphis Athletics…Selling Rivalry and Sexual Innuendo One T-shirt at a Time

Ole Miss and The University of Memphis will meet for the final time in their eternally long series next Sunday while dodging stray gun fire at the Liberty Bowl.   To commemorate what has been a mostly lopsided but somewhat spirited rivalry, the University of Memphis Athletic Department marketing staff  (read as: University sanctioned and approved)has found it fitting to fire one last parting shot, one final salvo at the Rebels, one more comedy grenade over the wall into Oxford…and luckily for Memphis fan, it’ll look smashing with a pair of jean shorts.


 It’s like a Big Johnson shirt without the whole cleverness thing getting in the way


16 responses to “Memphis Athletics…Selling Rivalry and Sexual Innuendo One T-shirt at a Time

  1. The most offensive thing on the shirt is the implication that we’re rivals.

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  3. I want whoever invented “Rivalry tshirts” to die in a house fire.

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  5. Godfrey, it wasn’t Memphis that ran off to “improve” their schedule by playing Fresno State. Y’all will be drunk and back in the Grove by halftime wondering why you’re losing to a WAC team.

  6. Haha. Tiger High is upset because we are fixin’ to drop them from our schedule forever. Notice the “rivals to the end” comment they worked into the design. It’s the only sell out they ever get at their dump stadium. They think it’s because we are afraid to play them. Truth is we are just sick of spending a day every other year in the Orange Mound ghetto.

    They charge $50+ a ticket for the Ole Miss game and sell out. They charge $5 for the tickets to all other games and can’t draw 10,000. It’s the single event that keeps their football program alive. We’re done playing home & homes with CUSA schools (except maybe Tulane because we enjoy the New Orleans road trip). But we will be happy to host Tiger High anytime they want down in Oxford.

  7. SJS, for the record we are not running away from you to play Fresno State.

    We are running away from you to play Tulane.


  8. I get a kick out of talking to Tiger High fans. They are convinced we think of them as one of our big time rivals. It drives them crazy when they realize we consider Vandy 10 times the rival that they are. We don’t pay them anymore mind as we do UAB or Arkansas St.

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  13. hey godfrey, pretty sure that fresno state>tulane, so not a real solid back-up on that one bud.

    it also humors me that the only people that get defensive about the memphis-ole miss rivalry are the ole miss “fans”. no one else really gives a shit and only finds humor in the ghetto ass t-shirt.

  14. Im pretty sure Godfrey was refering to Fresno < New Orleans. Having been to both places, that less than sign can't be big enough.

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