Auburn Freshman Have One Thing On Their Mind Before The First Game…Chicken Wings

Auburn Wing Sauce

Yes, chicken wings…at a hotel…in Georgia.  And thankfully, there are seniors like Walter McFadden to offer up some sage advice when dealing with the chicken wing buffet at the hotel:

“A lot of guys just can’t wait to get to the hotel because there will be a lot of great food there. They’ve been talking about the chicken wings lately, so I’ve been giving them advice how to eat a couple of wings, and take a couple to your room, a couple for snacks after that.”

You might think Walter is a wise man, wise beyond his years, but that’s because you didn’t read the next bullet point in the article with his  predictions on Auburn’s upcoming season…”Auburn shouldn’t lose to anyone it plays.” Yeah, a tad too optimistic there, Walter. Just a tad.


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