Calipari Brings In New Special Assistant


Heeeeeed, Move!

One of these men is a media darling in Kentucky, a favorite of fan web pages and message boards, a man lauded for his success in the world of sport, revered by his peers, and a man who is at the very zenith of his profession, a true master of his craft.  The other man is John Calipari.

Lets just hope Kige had time to diagram some plays for Cal.


4 responses to “Calipari Brings In New Special Assistant

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  2. I wouldn’t think Calipari is all that concerned with learning how to make a football resemble a wounded duck in flight. Luckily for the Cats, it looks like we’ve locked down the recruiting pipeline from Wal-Mart

  3. nice photoshop

  4. nope, not photoshop, he really did meet him. kige just dwarfs even the greatest of basketball coaches

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