Town Hall Nursing Home Smackdown: Auburn Style

These Town Halls have been fun to watch. Let’s face it… hot air, shouting matches, and unsightly spectators are a blast, and exactly why  professional wrestling has been so successful.

Let's get ready to rumble...

This seemingly peaceful scene is mere seconds away from total brutal anarchy & destruction...

These oracular spectaculars have apparently come to a boiling point with Representative Mike Rogers MC’ing an East Alabama Throwdown… at a Nursing Home. In Auburn. War Damn Feisty Rickety Boned Fisticuffs Plainsman Eagle…HEY!

Per Brittany Whitley at the Opelika-Auburn News:

Wednesday afternoon, I went to a town hall meeting hosted by U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers expecting a lively, heated debate, because, let’s be honest, things all across the U.S. are lively and heated.

What I didn’t expect was to see a fight break out in Auburn, at Monarch Estates, a retirement home.

But it happened.

You damn right it happened Brittany. What did you expect? College Football Season is but hours away and we’ve got the whole weekend untill 60 Minutes is on.

When the meeting ended, I got up to gather names and ask a few more questions. Right behind me, the man involved in the initial confrontation was swinging at another man. He hit him, and after a scuffle, was pulled off.

BOOSH! Brittany you better have gotten video and you better get said video on youtube for us immediately.

Read the rest of her account of Senior Smackdown over at OA News.

I was quite the pugilist in my day sonny, but glad this ain't 60 years ago...

I was quite the pugilist in my day sonny, be glad this ain't 1948 or I'd have you in a body bag...


2 responses to “Town Hall Nursing Home Smackdown: Auburn Style

  1. That sure is disgusting and a bit scary…

  2. I think you misspelled awesome.

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