Virginia Tech Carries a Multicolored Flag For ACC

USA Today probably had thousands and thousands of photos to choose from when they were putting together their piece on Virginia Tech carrying the flag for the ACC. 

We just want to dance!

After graduating the stars of High School Musical all did the natural thing, enrolling at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA to play College Football for Frank Beamer.

For the ACC & The Hokies apparently the author imagined said flag being rainbow colored.

“This is the most together team I’ve ever been on,” Taylor said.

We can see that, but we’re tired of the talk Tyrod. You guys are just going to have to get out on the field Saturday night and prove you belong being mentioned with the best dance crews in the Country.

A very special thanks to the photo editors at for believing in the inherent power of the freeze frame choreographed celebratory in unison jump that so many fantastic 80s movies ended with.


2 responses to “Virginia Tech Carries a Multicolored Flag For ACC

  1. This is the best team picture ever. It almost made me forget that one with the guys from Knoxville standing around that Lambo.

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