Chicken on a Stick Finally Gets Its Due

Chicken on a Stick Menu

Combine the goodness of southern fried chicken with the convenience of eating food off a stick, add in the low cost of gas station dining and late-night, bourbon induced hunger..and you have culinary greatness at 1:00 a.m. Well, the dining afficiandos at Bon Appetit Magazine have finally recognized what we’ve all known for years…”chicken on a stick” from the Chevron Food Mart in Oxford is simply one of the finest foods conceived by man*:

Chicken on a Stick

Chevron Food Mart
Okay, so this one comes out of left field. But the Chevron, on University and South Lamar, is the place for late-night socializing…and improbably good snacks. The quite literally named chicken-on-a-stick is oddly delicious, especially if it’s 1:00 a.m. and it has been a night of multiple Sazeracs. 502 South Lamar Boulevard; 662-234-0275

Bon Appetit recommended, drunk college frat guy approved.  A Michelin star is the next logical step. [Photo Credit:]

*Do not, I repeat DO NOT, sleep on the pizza rolls at that place.  Everyone want to just jump on the Yard Bird on a stick right out of the gate, but late night Chevron veterans know the rolls is where its at.


5 responses to “Chicken on a Stick Finally Gets Its Due

  1. don’t forget about the crispito’s either.

  2. True story: I had chicken on a stick at Montgomery’s own Jubilee Festival and spent 8 hours awake that night juggling my desire to breath with my need to vomit.

  3. Michael Medallion

    Juice, for chicken on a stick, you can’t rely on a bunch of carnies (in Montgomery of all places). For such “culinary greatness” you can only trust the good people who work at Chevron.

  4. If you can’t trust Carnies in Montgomery who can you trust? The terrorists have won.

  5. When I took my daughter down to visit the campus we had time to kill and she wanted to go to Abners. I made a rare veto call and took her and the wife to the Chevron for the greatest Chicken on a Stick known to man! I now have a two more believers in the Chevron in Oxford having the greatest chicken on a stick known to man.

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