Somebody Get Ricky His Meds

Look it is a wonderful thing to be a passionate fan of College Football.

It makes the Fall meaningful, creates a great excuse for good natured trash talk, and builds the roots for a hell-of-a-blog, but this guy… this guy… seriously we’re rarely at a loss of words here at Friends, but yeah, we are now. Dr. Phil please track down this poor soul, but before you save him film every minute of self destruction during Bama’s 2009 season, release it on an unrated special edition DVD set, place it on the shelf next to Bumfights Volume 1 – 7 & The Best of Girls with Low Self Esteem, and before we’re done here y’all be wearing gold plated diapers.

 (this may not shock you but: warning highly offensive language)

[HT: kobespink]


8 responses to “Somebody Get Ricky His Meds

  1. Bless his heart. Such a fine representative for the university of Tuscaloosa. Not to mention a great ambassador to the state of Alabama.

    Roh Tahd Roh.

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  3. Just like my last visit in their football stadium a decade ago, they still know how to use the “n” word, and use it well. The saddest part is that this kid is all dressed up in his “rowtahd” polo and khaki shorts, trying not to look like a redneck, but the redneck comes shining through anyway.
    row tahd row.

  4. I just love all the bammers trying to spin it that Ricky isn’t representative of “The University.” Sorry, tards, Ricky is bammer, as you are bammer, as bammer is Ricky. RO TARD ROW!!!, you classless bunch of asshats.

    The truth hurts.

  5. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen! You are sposed to be fans and unless u r going to get out there and play and do any better then u should just shut the hell up! I’m embarressed for him,no one should act like that. It’s a ballgame and shit happens and believe it or not it’s still about sportsmanship and respect. If u don’t even respect ur own team then u need to check urself. Oh and metal fold up chairs at ur kitchen table need I say more!!

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  7. typical mullet behavior. AUBURN fans have lived with jerks like this all our lives.

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