Case of the Mondays


Woman of the Week: Audrina Patridge.  Forgive the lateness of the links…the misspelling’d greatness of the Ricky interview took all precedent this morning.  To make up for it…Audrina from the latest Maxim.

  • Gameday signs from Columbus [CGB]
  • Erin Andrews went on Oprah to talk about some video you may or may not have heard about [Awful Announcing]
  • Auburn fans are creepy stalkers…bad spellers [Deadspin]
  • Georgia State Troopers win [EDSBS]
  • The leader of the People’s University addresses the masses [The Godfrey Show]
  • Spurrier is an over-the-hill super villain [Hey Jenny Slater]
  • Tennessee  soroity girls break down the football weekend [Clay Travis]
  • A slur on the name of Tebow is a slur on the King himself! [LWS]
  • Explaining away some of the slow starts in college football [Red Cup Rebellion]
  • Comparing Michigan and Ohio State [SBNation]
  • Surviving postgame in Columbus [SbB]
  • Gus Johnson is excitable [KSK]
  • Chris Collinsworth is Wooderson [WithLeather]
  • Let’s play Dead or Alive? [Food Court Lunch]
  • You mess with a Southern man’s bacon, you do so at your own peril [Tirico Suave]
  • Playboy’s Girls of the ACC  for your perusal (somehow SFW…but barely) [Busted Coverage]

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