FOTP Interviews: Ricky of Ricky’s Rants Speaks Out

RICKYSRANTSIf you can connect every actor in Hollywood via six degrees of Kevin Bacon, you can find anyone in Alabama in just two emails. This is why in less than 48 hours FOTP operatives were able to track down instant interweb superstar RICKY of Ricky’s Rants for an exclusive interview.

Ricky’s YouTube meltdown was featured at EDSBS, ClayNation, and of course HERE at Friends.  Ricky was kind enough to calm down and take a few questions for us over the weekend via email. We asked him a little bit of everything but stopped short of confirming his eye color or what his perfect date would be…we have to leave some things for Tiger Beat.  Anyhow, these are his answers unedited and unhinged…(we can only assume that he still had his crimson and white shaker in his hand during the responses)

Friends Of The Program: Let’s start with a little background, tell us a bit about yourself?

Ricky: I am a 24 yr old truck driver in the Birmingham area and I am not racist due to popular relief.  I am pretty OCD when it comes to most things in my life.  Most  mportantly I am a HUGE Bama fan!!

FOTP: Does the guy who filmed the video have a black eye or a broken arm right now? Are you still friends? Did you know he would put it on YouTube?

No he is perfectly healthy…hungover…but still bestfriends.  No I did not know it was on YouTube until he called me and told me it was on there.

FOTP: Describe your initial reaction when you saw it on YouTube? Who sent you the link to the video? Did it cause a rant?

My friend Dale called me and told me to go to youtube and look up “Rickys rant” and I saw it on youtube and was a little embarrassed, but no it did not cause a rant.

FOTP: Is your email inbox full right now? How much of that is hate mail? How much of it is fan mail?

I have had some fan mail on Myspace and Facebook, but as far as hate mail it has been through YouTube.  Dale screens the comments on youtube bc some of them are pretty bad.

FOTP: How will you profit off your internet celebrity? Will you make your rants a regular YouTube event?

If I profit from anything great but it is really all in fun.  They have been trying to catch me in another rant but if they are able to catch it again then I guess it could become a regular YouTube event. Some of my friends are actually working on a website to put up some stuff.

FOTP: Do you feel pressure now to flip out now since the rant has become your trademark and the corner stone of your celebrity?

No I don’t feel any pressure because I rant pretty regularly!

FOTP: We know you have a girlfriend. How does she feel about dating an internet celebrity? How does she feel about your comment about the ref’s wife?

She is supportive and she really didn’t think anything about the comment.  She is used to my rants and knows there is no telling what will come out of my mouth.

FOTP: After seeing the video is there anything you are embarrassed about that you said or did that you would like to take back? Or is that just who you are and you don’t apologize?

I wish I wouldn’t have made the racist comment.  I didn’t really mean it how it sounded after I heard myself.  And yes that is just how I am when I watch Alabama football.

FOTP: How would you rate this particular rant on YouTube on a scale of 1 to 10 compared to other rants you’ve had?

I give it a 7, because my drunken rants are pretty entertaining.

FOTP: Do you have a memory of your greatest rant/meltdown during a football game?

The year Brody Croyle got sacked about 11 times during the Auburn game….I started throwing things out the back  door….including my truck keys and then had to find them.

FOTP: Ok, seriously, so how much had you had to drink at that point in the game? Beer or Bourbon? What kind?

3 Budweisers and a half a bottle of Jim Beam

FOTP: How many TVs have you broken? Chairs? Tables? How is the Table you smashed doing? Who did it belong to?

I flip my recliner over all the time, the table has a few dents but survived the brawl, and it was my girlfriends.  I have also put numerous holes in the wall and my bedroom door.

FOTP: At what point did you realize Bama Football was the most important thing in your life?

When I was born!!

FOTP: Has Alabama Football ever made you cry?


FOTP: How do you handle a Bama loss? Does it effect your personal life? Your work?

Usually I am pissed off and I don’t want to talk about it..period!  It also depends on who we lose to.  Yes it effect my personal life and work because I get angry.

FOTP: Do you have any Bama tattoos? Do you plan on getting any?


FOTP: Do you plan on attending any games in Tuscaloosa this year? Have you ever had a breakdown in the stadium?

Yes I attend a lot of games.  Yes, but not as bad because they are in public.  Last years Sugar Bowl I called Utah some pretty bad things, and they should not serve alcohol at a college game…hahaha

FOTP: How do you try to control your anger? Have you ever ripped your shirt off and turned green?

I don’t control my anger and I hope I learn to control later with age…hahaha!  No I’ve never ripped my shirt off but I have turned a couple shades of red.

FOTP: Have you ever engaged in fisticuffs over College Football?

I have never gotten into a fight but have gotten into a few verbal disputes.

FOTP: Have you ever had to watch a Bama game at a wedding reception? And, Heaven forbid, ever listen to a Bama game at the ceremony? If so, how long before you were asked to leave?

Oh hell I wouldn’t be at a wedding during an Alabama game wedding….I actually missed my own cousins wedding.

FOTP: If you had the power to destroy the city of Auburn or Knoxville with the push of a button (but only one),  which one do smite?

Knoxville!  Thats a tough question…

FOTP: How did you handle Auburn’s “streak”?

To be honest I didn’t know how to handle it…but I actually came over on people while driving if they had Auburn stickers or Honk if you sacked Brody!

FOTP: Why the need for the shaker (pom-pom) in a living room?

When Alabama makes a big play I have to have something to shake!

FOTP: Predict Bama, Auburn, and Tennessee’s records. Predict who comes in 2nd to the Tide in the SEC. Who wins the National Championship?

Bama 12-0, Auburn 6-6, Tennessee 7-5……Florida will come in 2nd to the Tide!  Of course Bama is gonna win the National Championship!! RTR

FOTP: Let’s play word association. I say a word you tell me what first comes to your mind:

Auburn. Cow College

Tennessee.  Horseshit!!!!

Bear Bryant. Respect

Mike Shula.  Deer in the headlights

Refs.  Game changers

Rolondo McClain.  STUD!!

Julio Jones.  BEAST!!

Nick Saban.  Nick Saban…..Nick Saban…”The man”

Houndstooth.  coach Bryant

Phil Fulmer.Krispy Creme doughnuts

Lane Kiffin.  Abnoxious……but his wife is hot…

Gene Chizik.  Cheesy

Mike Dubose.Dumbose

Paul Finebaum. Bald

Anger. Me!

Haters. Horses Ass

Alcohol.  Good

Youtube.  Mytube

Your rants.  Hilarious

 Ricky’s Final Word

98% of my wardrobe consists of Alabama, I eat, sleep, and breathe Bama…its my life!  I even taught my 6yr old little brother Sweet Home Alabama and The fight song.  I never thought that this video would get this big.  I was out the other night and someone asked if people at the bar if they had heard or seen the video and several people raised their hands.  We had shots all around when the vid hit 100,000 views.  I appreciate all the comments even the negative ones. There might just be another one….


21 responses to “FOTP Interviews: Ricky of Ricky’s Rants Speaks Out

  1. Favorite Deadspin Quote on Ricky – “Ricky Don’t Bruise That Lumber.” /Steely Dan’d

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  3. Abnoxious isn’t a word, but, man, it really should be one.

  4. I think being abnoxious involves hair gel, an Affliction tshirt, and alot of excess time spent in front of the mirror at the gym…which is something I could totally see Kiffin doing.

  5. I flip my recliner over all the time, the table has a few dents but survived the brawl, and it was my girlfriends. I have also put numerous holes in the wall and my bedroom door.

    If Ricky is so passionate about Alabama football why wasn’t he at the game? That’s right I’m questioning your fandom!

  6. Based on “I am not racist due to popular relief,” “Abnoxious,” and other little snippets of RickyWisdom, I have to ask: was he drunk when he responded to the questions, or is Ricky just naturally stupid?

  7. Did Ricky love bama enough to attend college there? Uhh probably not.

  8. Abnoxious — southern accent phonetic spelling

    /not really

  9. Typical, in all of the worst ways possible.

    Klass and Trudishun…

  10. I had assumed this guy was a kid. Man, how embarrassing. Even when there isn’t a football game on, he makes bama fans look like trash.

  11. being able to broadcast this on youtube would save a lot of time, but hey at least you have the words to see how it was said.

  12. @thedudleys I wasn’t aware we had such busy and fancy people reading FOTP. And yeah, broadcast it…so we couldn’t see all the misspellings and mixing of metaphors. Great idea.

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  14. Ricky is the typical bama fan, i.e. – has no class or manners and yells out racial epiteths when he is upset. This dude needs some serious help. It isn’t a surprise that he is a truck driver – I would imagine that he left out the part that he drives a garbage truck. What a loser. Ricky, how bout going back to school to get your GED and growing the hell up. You are an embarassment.

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  16. A truck driver? You’re kidding me!

    A Bama fan with no association to the University whatsoever?

    Shocking. Just friggin’ shocking!

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  18. Ricky Obama said he wants to have a “sit down” and talk about things over a beer.

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