Bunkie Vents on Ricky’s Rants

ventlogoJackson, Mississippi’s finest morning radio team Kevin Broughton and Jay White invited FOTP’s own Bunkie Perkins on air this morning to deal the inside scoop on our exclusive interview with Ricky of Ricky’s Rants.

As most of you were likely still in the midst of a post MNF doubleheader hangover to soak in all knowledge dropped, we’ve got the Audio recap to catch you up to speed.

Take the link over to Supersport930.com’s site RIGHT HERE to listen to hour 3 on Tuesday, September 15th for Bunkie and catch Kev & Jay every weekday morning from 7:00 – 10:00 AM CST on WSFZ AM 930 in Jackson, MS or live online at SuperSports930.


One response to “Bunkie Vents on Ricky’s Rants

  1. This is awesome Bunkie, congratulations man. Even in a loss I’m glad VT was able to give us all Ricky.

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