Take that, Outbreak Monkey!

angry_monkeyIn an effort to ward off the aggressive and debilitating advances of Outbreak Monkey, Ole Miss is considering having its football team wear surgical gloves during its stroll down the Walk of Champions before Saturday’s game against SE Louisiana, CBS College Sports Radio reports.  Typically the team walks through the Grove, glad handing the fanbase on its way to the stadium, but the fear of disease, namely the flu, which has swept through the team in recent days, may prompt the move to a more sterile interaction.

But know this Rebels…Outbreak Monkey is relentless, and he is cunning, and your precautions will all be for naught.  Nature has a way of adapting…and nature with bad intentions adapts tenfold.  Its only a matter of time.


5 responses to “Take that, Outbreak Monkey!

  1. I haven’t even read this yet but I saw a monkey and immediately got excited. So: plus one, sirs.

  2. And now that I’ve read it, TRY AGAIN ARKANSAS WE ARE TOO SMART FOR U

  3. Silly webels, Outbreak Monkey’s incisors will shred your pathetic surgical gloves and toss diseased monkey turd balls at you as you attempt to navigate through the Grove.

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