UT President Lays The Smack Down (on UT)

UCLA DancerIt is one thing for Tennessee fans to be forced to handle a devastating loss to UCLA in what looked to be a sure National Championship Season after running away from Western Kentucky, but it is a whole ‘nother ballgame when the Chattanooga Times Free Press reports your interim president has upped the anti on message board smack talk.

“Lane comes from the Pac-10, which in many respects is the epitome of great academics and great athletics, as this past weekend showed on several different levels, including to us. When we lost to UCLA, we lost to a better academic institution, too.”


While you were at it Jan you might as well have thrown in, “Oh yeah… AND UCLA’s cheerleaders are much hotter…”

UCLA Cheerleaders

Pat Cheerleader

[HT: stuhlman135]


4 responses to “UT President Lays The Smack Down (on UT)

  1. I’ll see your “Boosh” and raise you a “TA DOW!”

  2. I think you meant “KA-KOW!”

  3. haha I’d like to add “YAYUS” to this word battle. ans UCLA’s cheerleaders are much hotter.

  4. There’s definitely an inner thigh talent “gap”, as #21 makes painfully apparent.

    H A W T

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