Athens, GA: The Classic City (For You To Poop On)

Eat your heart out ancient Athens, Greece.

You may have had horny gods, endless fruit baskets, and all sorts of carnal pleasures back in your day, but THIS is Athens, Georgia and if the Atlanta-Journal Constitution speaks the truth Athens, GA is taking it to the next freaking level…

Athens — Whole tailgate tents left half-standing. Abandoned portable grills. Urination in campus doorways. Defecation. Trash strewn everywhere.

And with a tornado of frat boys, feces, and fornication Athens was born again… can you spot the dead prostitute in the photo below?


Apparently Maryann from True Blood is alive, real, and in Athens after laying waste to BONS TEMPS and all those vampires with piss poor southern accents.


This is not the first time the trashing of campus during football games has become an issue. Three years ago a similar public relations effort was unleashed to help improve the game-day environment on campus.

But the problem continued and actually might have worsened recently with the SEC’s new television contract creating more night matchups of rival opponents.

Oh yeah totally. This is totally the fault of ESPN and their billions of dollars clearly corrupting sweet & innocent UGA fans and forcing them to blow the cold hard cash on blood orgies and cocaine.


All kidding aside, we’d be pretty furiuos if our fellow friends and fans were treating one of our Alma Maters as such.

So man up Dawgies.

Remember… It is possible to be an intoxicated mess and clean up your mess…

(Dear city of Athens, yes you can use that slogan for a marketing campaign free of charge, only because we at FOTP care about our fellow man and football fan)



4 responses to “Athens, GA: The Classic City (For You To Poop On)

  1. Solid reporting.

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  3. Classy UGA fans…

    They have some sot of “higher than thou” attitude, typical of second-rate, low rent Dirt Road Alumni… They leave all their crap out, and then others ransack their sites looking for beers, food, and anything a dumb-ass Dawg fan would accidentially leave out… like a TV, chairs, grills, etc…

    I heard one girl say, “They(the university) have people to clean up after us…”

    The next time you’re in the state of Georgia, notice all the garbage on the side of the roads.

    TRASH is part of their culture…

  4. UGA needs to come to Ole Miss and have a lesson on taking out the trash on gameday. The grove is as pristine as a freshman girl before rush by 6am Sunday morning.

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