Holy Crap, What is That!?


Giving me just one more reason to refrain from going into the ocean at any depth in which I cannot plainly see my feet, The SeaBreeze News (Im more relaxed just typing that) 0f South Texas relays a story of 4 fishermen’s battle in the Gulf against something called an American Conger, known mainly by its more common name of “Holy hell look at that scary fucking thing”.

Our favorite line from the article, recounting how the men would handle the extremely pissed off eel once it was in the boat…”It was determined that Steve Jr. would distract the eel because he had drank the most alcohol and believed he was bulletproof.”

[HT: wildboyz]


One response to “Holy Crap, What is That!?

  1. That is totally scary.. man what is that thing..

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