One More Reason To Want To Be Tim Tebow


With Florida girls, even with Tebow, permiscuity has its biblical limits

While clearly this young lady has qute the affinity for Tim Tebow’s syle of play, his winning attitude, his unquestioned leadership, his impecable pedigree…she would prefer if they kept the relationship out of the “end zone”.    Thom Brennaman and Gary Danielson say you don’t know what you are missing honey.  Either way, grandma, as you can see, wholeheartedly disapproves.  This is further proof of why every guy wishes he was Tim Tebow, just without the strong morals or desire to wait until marriage. [HT: GB]


10 responses to “One More Reason To Want To Be Tim Tebow

  1. Wow, that girl has it going on!

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  4. Chick=hot…t-shirt message=weak and simple

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  6. F*CKIN’ HAWT.

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  8. The confused look on that old woman’s face is priceless

  9. Now that is a “Grade A Well Done T-BONE” !!!

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