Big E Burns The Razorbacks

God continues to prove he had a plan when he invented the internets and Bama Fans. While seemingly two completely unrelated entities, more and more fellas like Ricky and Big E are proving this is why the world wide webs exists: the evolution of human enlightment. Next step: “Kenny Stabler – Florabama Bouncer” web series (FOTP productions is working on the pilot as we speak), but in the meantime…Hey Piglets, not fired up enough for the big game yet? Then come take a big ole’ gander at Big E’s verbal smackdown…


5 responses to “Big E Burns The Razorbacks

  1. Where the hell do you guys find this shit?

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  3. are those glasses the opti-grab?

  4. So if Big E was put out by the smell of “our place”, one could assume Big E saved up his money for a Greyhound ticket. That musta took years.

  5. His glasses make all his comments “not valid”.

    /Kirk Meyer’d

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