It Sucks To Lose

In what could have been one of your biggest wins of the decade (don’t worry we’ve all been there). But let us be honest, it is not just any loss, but a loss where you had 3 shots from the 1 yard line to upset #7 in the Country. FRET NOT though dear MSU friends & fans here is what to keep in mind to get you through to the next day:

1) Your Cowbell is still in tact, no rust despite the rain.

2) You still look damn good.

3) You can send your 2009 “Beat The Tigers” shirt to underprivileged youths in Ethiopia as it  is no longer valid after LSU & Auburn loses. BUT this makes you a good person. AND it will go great with their “Arizona Cardinals 2009 Super Bowl Champs” ball caps.

Mississippi State Fans

[HT: Studdard]


3 responses to “It Sucks To Lose

  1. Don’t worry Dog fans, close moral victories always mean you are right about to turn the corner and start winning some games. And is it just me or are State fans some of the ugliest people in America. They really belong in the Big 10.

  2. That’s hysterical….those two guys came into The Grill a couple of hours after the game.

    The Down Goes Frazier shirt seals it!

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