Case of th Mondays

Woman of the Week: Lisa Marie Estreaux.  No idea who she is but with a last name like that, Im going to assume that she works at the Hooters in Cutoff, La.

  • Great signs at Gameday in Happy Valley [CGB]
  • Trying to understand the AP poll [The Godfrey Show]
  • Should Tim Tebow have been in the game when he got knocked out [Clay Travis]
  • Florida fans were in state’s of shock in Lexington [LWS]
  • Urban Meyer’s account of the story is less than believable [DawgSports]
  • Twitter is tearing apart the Texas Tech football program [Busted Coverage]
  • Trying to make lemonade with the Ole Miss loss [RCR]
  • Mizzou’s Athletic Department…victims of technology [Deadspin]
  • Oregon, not as terrible as previously assumed [Dr. Saturday]
  • Who are college football’s best kept secrets [Rumors & Rants]
  • A lovely tribute to the Brett Favre throw yesterday [KSK]
  • Jim Zorn is going down with the ship [The Sporting Blog]
  • The Arena Football League is trying to pick itself up by its bootstraps [Sportress of Blogitude]

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