Tailgated Approved: The Fanbulance


Ingenuity, money, and school spirit, three things that when standing alone, are valuable commodities for any one man…but when combined they produce the type of tailgating awesomeness you see above.  Behold the Oklahoma State Fanbulance, a vehicle that should be celebrated for its appearance (orange upholstery…check!), its amenities (leisurely sprawl out on a bench where several people probably struggled for their last breaths of life while watching a nice 42 inch flat screen…check!), and its special features (sweet hops injected nectar flowing from a six shooter…check!).  We salute you Cowboys fans and Fanbulance benefactors, a commitment to tailgating that we can certainly get behind.  Fanbulance.  Approved.

Much more over at the Cowboy Fanbulance website.


3 responses to “Tailgated Approved: The Fanbulance

  1. Artie's Triple Chin

    “Appholstry??????” Holy crap………..

    Spell check FAIL!


  2. Hey congrats, you’re the fancy boy who knew how to spell upholstery.

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