Because You Need It, Somewhere to Vent on this Disturbing Inevitability

It is that time of year again. Where young couples transfixed with potential marital bliss try their best to ruin the most sacred time of the year for us all (Fall Football Season & College Football Saturdays) with their hapless wedding plans. Look you just don’t mess with it. Don’t assume your friends are more mature now and can get by skipping a Gameday to see you happy.

We can’t. And your wedding will go down in the history books as: “The wedding that made us miss INSERT GAME.”


We’re sure you have a story to tell youself so head on over to Fall Weddings Suck and let your black heart loose to tell us how you really feel. There are plenty of epic tales on there already, simply add yours to the mix…

And read a few of our favorite entries after the jump:

Bonnie Farms Thursday, 4/9/09, 9:42 AM
  Game of the decade and I had to miss it because little brother Freddie Wayne got drunk and knocked up the town you know what. Anyway he did the right thing and married her? Probably wasn’t even his kid – but he is sobber now and divorced.
  From: Clesco, Alabama
  What is the best game you missed because of a sucky wedding?  Bama vs LSU
Bonnie Faye Reynaurd Tuesday, 2/24/09, 6:30 AM
  I had to attend my cousin’s wedding – she is related to the controversial Kennedys…. this was rhe social event of the year for the SNOB set. Football would have been a lot more interesting. All we did was sit around drinking champagne and toking a little grass. I don’t really do drugs so I was uncomfortable in this environment. This is the LAST wedding for a Kennedy family member I will ever attend. A bad scene.
  From: Boston, Mass.
  What is the best game you missed because of a sucky wedding?  Boston College vs Georgia Tech ’06
Simon Saturday, 9/27/08, 10:15 PM
  First off, let me say that I’m Chinese, but love watching sports as much as ACC Basketball fans and SEC football fans. Second off, I’m Chinese and that’s a freaking problem. My relatives prefer watching badminton and ping pong and any other stupid sport in the Olympics that no one gives a damn about. My family tree does not know the difference between the rice they eat at dinner and Jerry Rice, the greatest WR in NFL history. Anyways, my cousin got married to some white guy on the day of the 2002 NLCS. Shouldn’t the white guy have said something to not interfere with baseball postseason? Anyways, I had bleacher tickets to game 4 and had planned to go with my best friend, his brother and his dad. I had plans to go to the game, but my parents would not let me go and instead I was stuck at the wedding. I did the next best thing and wore an ear piece with Jon Miller calling the game. (Thank you Jon!) After a JT Snow double to tie the game, I erupted and the white guy’s relatives were celebrating with me. Fast forward to the 8th inning, Benito Santiago hit a 2 run homer to give SF a 4-2 lead. Another eruption. My uncle (cousin’s father) told me to pipe down. (Like that was going to happen.) Robb Nen, Giants’ closer, got into a jam in the 9th. After striking out JD Drew to end the game, I went nuts for the next five minutes and the white guy’s relatives celebrated with me. The white guy’s guests understood the magnitude and significance of the playoff run. My cousin’s guests and relatives had no clue what the hell was going on. Well guess what, screw them! And fuck off for scheduling a FALL WEDDING! PAYBACK’S A BITCH NOW THAT MY COUSIN AND WHITE GUY ARE DIVORCED! Sadly, the Giants did not win the World Series! 😦
  From: San Francisco
  What is the best game you missed because of a sucky wedding?  Game 4 of the 2002 National League Championship Series (Cardinals at Giants)


If you haven’t already head over there and share your story with the world…


One response to “Because You Need It, Somewhere to Vent on this Disturbing Inevitability

  1. on the flip side, i would like to say that my fiance (lsu alum) and i (bama alum) purposely stretch our engagement so as to get married in the spring of ’10 rather than in the fall of ’09 and be those assholes who get married during football season.

    also on the flip side, i have missed two weddings in the last 6 or 7 years b/c they were on the same day as lsu/bama. i don’t miss that game…ever.

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