A Below Average Photo Essay: WAC Wednesday

Anytime that the fine God-fearing people of the Pine Belt can postpone their potluck outreach ministry suppers and Wednesday hand bell practice long enough to join hands in a little college football worship, FOTP has got to be there.  Such was the case last night for the Wednesday Night WAC showdown between Louisiana Tech and those savages from the West, the Hawaii Warriors.  The dress was red, it was the Christian thing to do I think…

P1010789Dogzilla…the largest, and possibly only, piece of electrical equipment in 3 parishes

P1010783We parked right next to Billy from “The Exterminators”…no red, but I guess when you kill large bayou varmints for a living you can dress as you please


The Mailman also made an appearance…its likely he also kills alot of varmints


Tech football…sometimes alot like the blind leading the blind.  (Don’t worry, they didnt see me take this)


The reddened masses head to the stadium.  I assume that most of their necks also dressed the part.


The “Red Out”…or as I like to call it, “The Crimson Wave”


The band clearly missed the memo


The incoming pregame flyover…brace yourselves for the sound and precision flying fury of…


…3 Cesnas


Actual size of Mark May’s head


The single back set…a strange and frightening formation for Hawaii defenses


A running play, more than likely.


We ride together, we color coordinate together…Bad Boys for life.


And as we were leaving…the most disturbing advertisement above a Men’s room urinal ever.

Thank you again Ruston, goodnight and God Bless.


5 responses to “A Below Average Photo Essay: WAC Wednesday

  1. Michael Medallion

    With your connections in Rustonia, you were only able to get tickets on the 20?

  2. Thanks for the memories! My grandfather was food service director at LaTech wayback when. I cant tell you how many meals I ate looking up at the Bradshaw mural in the student center.

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  4. What the hell is Karl Malone doing tailgating in gym pants and Under Armour? You stay classy Mailman. Did he throw any elbows while he was there?

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