Milk Carton Helmets



One man’s souvenir is another man’s effort to not die due to massive head trauma while playing College Football.

According to ESPN:

Houston coach Kevin Sumlin is missing three helmets that were swiped during the on-field celebration following this weekend’s 29-28 win over Texas Tech.

The helmets remained missing Tuesday despite Sumlin’s plea via Twitter a day before:

“Saturday night was fun, but it will be hard for 3 of our guys to play this week without their helmets. Please return, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.”

The coach of the 12th-ranked Cougars remains optimistic that the helmets will be found before Saturday’s game at UTEP.

It has been said ONE helmet has now been returned, but it’s a little distressing that Houston’s athletic budget can’t seem to cover the lost hats. Let’s hope if they wind up on EBAY Houston officials can win the bidding, all sorts of issues would pop up if a future opponent pulled through with the buy it now option.

We for one wouldn’t have bothered stealing a helmet, especially with cheerleaders being as light as they are.




2 responses to “Milk Carton Helmets

  1. How do they not have helmets just sitting around? I’m guessing some of the practice squad walk-ons actually get to wear helmets during practice. Maybe we could borrow one of theirs?

  2. Considering the asswhipping UTEP handed the Cougs, I’m wondering if this caused the team to “lose focus.” Otherwise, how the hell do you get your tails kicked by UTEP???

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