A Below Average Photo Essay: Rocky Top

UT Dog Van

The alarm alone cost him $200.

Whether by boat, plane, or dog van, the Rocky Top nation arrived in style on Saturday. But left in slightly less exuberant fashion. Mr. Crompton, the Vol nation is none to pleased with you right now (at least according to Clay Travis and the two ladies in the elevator at the Holiday Inn after the game). Anyway, along with the rest of Vol nation, we took in the sights and sounds of Knoxvegas this past weekend, so we thought we’d show you a few things we saw…

P1000153 P1000154 P1000151

A few more pics of the Rocky Top shaggin’ wagon.

Auburn UT Fan Almost Fight

This had the makings of our first ever live fan fight video (they’re all the rage on youtube). Unforunately, cooler heads prevailed, and the two walked away, but not before “Auburn fan” got in one last verbal jab and a finger point.


Hardcore Porn? No. Cheesy Heisman Trophy promotional rap video? Yes.


The mightiest ship in the Vol Navy.


The center of the Vol Universe…but we preferred to tailgate at a better address…


…with Heather Locklear.


The closest we got to Erin Andrews all night.

P1000191 sunsphere - Simpsons

We were a little late to the World’s Fair too.


Apparently, there was a bottomless after-game party somewhere on the 9th Floor at the Holiday Inn sometime after midnight.


Tin Roof. We had to bribe the bouncer to get in so we could avoid the massive line. It was worth it. We’d highly suggest you stop by on a Friday night for the cover bands, shots, and hot co-eds (seriously we were impressed), but avoid eating there on Saturday before the game…the food was…well…terrible (but the chips and salsa were pretty good).


To wrap up, here’s a photo for all the Vol fans that read FOTP Clay Travis.

And two for the Aubs…



 Teh End. SIW. 


2 responses to “A Below Average Photo Essay: Rocky Top

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  2. I was devastated I forgot my camera, but nice job MM. Especially on the Dumb & Dumber Dog Car.

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