Case of the Mondays


Woman of the Week: Nikoleta Lozanova.  These Premier League Soccer girlfriends are getting out of control.

  • All the signs from Gameday at Boston College [CGB]
  • A plea to end the Crompton era at Tennessee [Fanhouse]
  • Is the Bobby Bowden tenure drawing to a close? [Dr. Saturday]
  • Georgia tries to make sense of it all [Hey Jenny Slater]
  • The officials in the UGA/LSU game failed miserably [TeamSpeedKills]
  • Ole Miss’ slow start…its all part of Houston’s plan [RCR]
  • Sideline reporter Samantha Steele can’t take a hit [SbB]
  • They found the Erin Andrews Peeping Tom [Busted Coverage]
  • Chris Berman wants you to be aware of breasts [KSK]
  • Skins fans are ready for the sweet release of death [Deadspin]
  • Sean Payton lays the smack down on Sanchez [Sporting Blog]
  • Rio has two words for Chicago [Tirico Suave]

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