Danger – Cajuns With Technology

If you are worried your 7th ranked Total Defense in the SEC isn’t going to intimidate the mighty Florida Gators and their Tebowfull OR potentially Tebowless offense, the next step  is to use the most natural of advantages… your terrifying bourbon guzzling, urine tossing fans.

AND even worse their growing knowledge of 21st century technology, as chronicled by Chris Low over on ESPN.com:


Backup quarterback John Brantley said Monday night he has received “quite a few” taunting text messages from numbers he does not recognize.

Florida coach Urban Meyer, offensive coordinator Steve Addazio and receiver Riley Cooper have also been getting extra calls and texts this week, apparently from LSU fans trying to get in their ears — or heads — before Saturday night’s game between top-ranked Florida and No. 4 LSU.

How do these guys get their phone numbers?

My guess is young people’s lack of understanding of who they are befriending on facebook combined with  those resourceful cajuns with internets provided by possum skin magic wire. They likely create fake facebook profiles with big breasted women featuring curves scientifically out of proportion and begin the phone number ask from there… don’t believe LSU fans are capable of this?

Apparently you’ve never been to Bourbon Street.


Brantley said none of the messages he received included death threats. He has read or listened to most of them, then deleted them just in time for more to show up. It’s gotten so bad that he might consider getting a new number.

How is he dealing with the calls and texts?

“I just ignore, put it down,” he said.

So how are all the numbers getting out?

“I have no idea,” Haden said.

The lady above look familiar Haden?

Alright, well my guess is she isn’t into a non-Tebow lifeform, thus who you are conversing with is really the guy in his parent’s basement from the beginning. He is going to call you a lot now. Moral of the story keep your phone number off the internets and be careful what Facebook friend requests you accept. Football player or not.

Also to be extra safe the federal government should cut off all internet and and communication lines to Louisiana (sorry Bunkie).


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