Below Average Photo Essay: Bama Rolls Into Oxford

I stormed the Grove this weekend with three main goals…to show JKoot from Busted Coverage, who has never truly experienced football in the South, what tailgating at Ole Miss is all about, to somehow run into JTBowtie and compliment the young squire on his hair and possibly give him a hearty “Rougeau Brothers” congratualtory left handed hand shake for a successful 80’s style heel heat, and come away with a rare win against the Tide…two of these things went splendidly according to plan…


There he is…in all his maitre de/Captain Stubing inspired glory…strolling down the Walk of Champions just like he said he would.  He had promised that he would be flanked by body guards that would rival any heel entrance by Ric Flair and the 4 Horsemen, but it resembled something a little less intimidating, to say the least.  That being said…bully to him for making the trip and indeed walking the walk.


All that being said, the hair did look amazing.


SEC football…where its completely socially acceptable for a grown man to wear a team helmet with a shark fin on it.


Ole Miss fans were dressed to the nines


I assume that this was the line to meet Ian and Shep


Little known fact…Royal Tenenbaums did huge box office numbers in Oxford


…no actually, Im alright at the moment


These AOPi pledge classes keep getting worse and worse


Most synchronized offensive formation by someone from Ole Miss all day


I think this is where the game turned in the Tide’s favor


What porn in Alabama looks like


If only Ole Miss were not required to play offense


I found the reason why we never saw the sun all day


89% of Bama fans pronounce this young man’s name the same way they pronounce Roscoe P. Coltrain’s official title


Mr. Jones requires full service from the Tide training staff when he isn’t on the field.


The scene for much of the day…alas.


2 responses to “Below Average Photo Essay: Bama Rolls Into Oxford

  1. Well at least you had good seats for Ole Miss pre-game performance.

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