The Measure of a Man

What is the ultimate measure of a man?  Is it what he does with his life?  Is it who he choses to associate himself with?  Or is it the outfit he choses to wear to the biggest collision of SEC titans in this young football season?  Whatever the standard, we choose to measure these two men with extremely long and sterile sticks that we will surely throw into a receptacle and burn once we are through.

LSU ArcherGator Fan

Golden Girl pallet-cleansing after the jump…

LSU Golden Girls

LSU Golden Girls 2

LSU Golden Girls 3

[HT: Jeff and Deron Thaxton on Tiger Droppings/Tiger Rant]


2 responses to “The Measure of a Man

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  2. OMG! these girls are so pretty! You must have to be skinny and athletic to be one of those!

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